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Thread: DTVF Forum Rules

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    I can remmember the old DTVF forums quite well though I was only on that one for nearly a year before it crashed. Before the old one crashed I had over 1,000 somethng posts to and that was in nearly a year of being on there!. Sadly I lost my big post count I had before. I think I was the first Aussie on DTVF on the old one. Oh yes I can remmber when there was the drama on the other forum. What a turn of events that was. There ended up being a big fallout or something cuz of the clash of brahhss and iron and plastic and cuz of that, then this place become a big hit because its for all fans not antique ones only like on the other forum.
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    dangerous tacos is viewable in but not much can be seen, however.. i tend to like this picture i found in the archive!

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